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Secret Neighbor APK
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Get ready for a thrilling horror adventure with Secret Neighbor APK, a popular game developed by the renowned game developer TinyBuild. Your mission in the game is to uncover the hidden secret of your neighbor’s basement by finding a key. 

But be careful, as the Neighbor is guarding the basement and keeping his secrets hidden. To succeed, you’ll need to break into his house, solve puzzles and clues, and outsmart the Neighbor to find the key and unlock the basement. Are you brave enough to uncover the secrets that lie within?

📌 App Name Secret Neighbor Apk
🩸 Update 1 Day Ago
💥 Genre Games
🚨 Publisher Secret Neighbor
🔴 Version Latest
🔺 Size Varies With Devices
🧨 MOD Info Premium
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Secret Neighbor Mobile will be the best option for players who love suspense in-game and horror gameplay. Features of Download Lost Life APK For Andriod-Unlocked Features, Little Nightmares 2 APK Full Version For Andriod & IOS, and Download Yandere Simulator APK free For Andriod are similar to Secret neighbor APK.

The feature you would love is the amazing artificial intelligence of the game. It alters the game decisions based on the player’s behavior. Try to be friendly with the Neighbor so as not to doubt you at the beginning of the game.

Secret Neighbor APK
Secret Neighbor APK

Secret Neighbor for Andriod and IOS

Nicky, a small boy who is conscious and very wise, plays on the street. While playing, suddenly he hears a yell and runs towards it. He makes out the voice is coming from one of his Neighbor’s houses. When he reaches near, be becomes clear that he heard a yell from the basement of that house. In horror, He runs to save the yelling person in the cellar, finds the key, and goes ahead.

Mr Peterson, the house owner, notices Nicky’s activity, capture and put him in his basement (a dark room and also strongly fenced by outside). There is no way for Nicky to escape except to solve puzzles and run away.

Secret Neighbor gameplay

Nicky is the main character. He wakes up as a child. After becoming mature, he has been removed from the house. He then starts living in another place. To meet his friends, Nicky comes back to his old home. He suddenly heard some cries of a child while playing with his friends. He runs to that house and investigates there. He concludes that his former Neighbor is keeping something secret in their basement.

Interestingly, he finds some puzzles and solves them, then moves toward the basement. At that point, the house owner feels his presence and runs toward Nicky. He captures the boy and sends him to the basement. The only way to escape from this jail is to solve the Secret Neighbor APK Download puzzle play.

Secret Neighbor APK
Secret Neighbor APK

Play Secret Neighbor APK Download

Secret Neighbor Mobile IOS free download is available both in pc and android versions. However, PC games are rich in graphics. The updates in the android version came with some graphics changes and made the game more engaging using different sound effects.

Moreover, we now feel more comfortable over game control. Nicky hears a sound coming from one of his former Neighbor’s houses. He bravely moves towards it and wants to save him. Furthermore, he falls himself in danger when Mr. Peterson shut him in his basement. Help Nicky to take him out of the basement.

Game Items

Following items are used in the entire gameplay.


These are found in abundance near Mr. Peterson’s house. Nicky makes a ladder using these boxes over one another to reach inside the house.


The Hammer is a tool that helps N.Roth in opening the basement door.


Another essential item helps Nicky remove nails from boards and a particular item in breaking the basement door.


The house owner will throw tomatoes on you when he sees you. These are collectible and can be used later for distraction while escaping.

Green Key

Green Key is used to complete a vital act. It opens the door to Fear School.

Red Key

Nicky uses Red Key to open the door. It hangs on the door, click on the key, and the door gets open.

Blue Key

All keys are important in Secret Neighbor APK. Different actions are required to perform with the help of keys. It helps in the completion of the second act.

Yellow Key

N.Roth uses this key to open the essential doors.

Download and Installation Module – Secret Neighbor gameplay On Android:

Do the same procedure to download and install Secret Neighbor Mobile APK on Android.

Download – The game file from the above Download button. It will take a few seconds to complete the download procedure.
Allow Unknown Resources – an essential factor while installing a third-party app. To allow unknown resources, click on the setting and go for app privacy to turn on. Now you can install it without any problem.
Install The Application – Tap on the install. It will take a short while for installation.
Ready To Play – All actions are performe-d well, go and save Nicky now!

Final Words

Download Secret Neighbor Android’s latest version is suitable for children and teenagers to make them feel that we should help someone in any case of a situation like Nicky. Unaware of the future struggles, the little boy prefers to save the yelling human in the basement.

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Check out more games and apps of your choice. Before performing a download, do read the application’s requirements whether the application meets your smartphone specifications or not? Because most of the upgraded games need good RAM and PROCESSOR.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is Secret Neighbor APK safe to use?

The game is thoroughly verified and tested. Download and use the app without any hesitation. No virus or spam appears.

I am facing a problem while installing the game. What is the safe method of installing the game?

You might check out the older version. Download the app from this website. It will indeed work for you.

Can I play Secret Neighbour Mobile APK for free?

Yes, you can enjoy the gameplay without paying any cent.

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