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Download Yandere Simulator APK free For Android [APRIL] 2022

Quick Overview Of Game Yandere Simulator APK

Yandere Simulator APK Mobile is a well-known android action game. A 33-year-old freelancer developed it in 2014. First, this game was only available for pc players. In 2017, this game also became known to android players. This game is very popular among children and young.

About The Contest

This video game centers upon a lovesick girl Yandere-chan, who secretly loves a boy in her school, and she wants the boy to love her, but at the same time, she hesitates to express her feeling in front of him. Chan feels jealous if a new girl approaches him.

Interestingly, before the new girl expresses her feelings in this game, Yandere must stop her from that. There are multiple options to restrain the new girl from doing that by setting her up with another boy, ruining her, torturing the new girl, defaming her in school, or simply killing her wisely. She must kill her when no one is looking there. She has to clear every piece of evidence that may give any clue about the murder.

Additionally, everyone in the school knows Yandere well, so she should behave like an innocent girl. If anyone of the students catches him killing the girl, they are brave enough to call the police or harm her.

Yandere Simulator Mobile APK
yandere simulator apk game

Important Features Of Yandere Simulator Download Latest Version

First, you must know the following features before downloading Yandere Simulator android.

  • The graphics and animation are smooth, and you would love to play it.
  • This game is available for all android users.
  • Download Yandere Simulator APK doesn’t contain any offensive content. This game is highly recommended for adults.
  • This game is available for all android users.
  • You can customize the settings of the game.
  • The game has frequent updates to improve the graphics and gaming experience.

Interesting Art And Characters Designs

This game put you in love with amines. The roles in the game are impressive. There are different monitoring features available to check the emotions of the Yandere-chan. she is very wise and adopts different strategies to deal with the children. She has various dresses, and you can choose the best. However, overall the graphics are good and will improve with future updates. Also, check about the Yandere simulator

Best Thing About The Game Yandere Simulator APK Download

This game takes the players back to their school life and gives them a chance to remind their past love stories having different endings. The game atmosphere is very sensational, and you would surely love it that It takes you to the memories.

PROS & CONS Of Yandere Simulator APK


  • Yandere Simulator free android game that has up to 100 levels.
  • The graphics are great.
  • Plenty of ways to achieve levels.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Customizable settings.


  • The characters are almost similar.
  • An underdeveloped game.

Step To Install & Download Yandere Simulator Easily

  • Download the Yandere Simulator APK file.
  • Now install this file.
  • (May occur) During the installation of the game error may occur due to the message “UNKNOWN APP” to fix this problem, please do the same. GO TO SECURITY SETTINGS>ALLOW UNKNOWN RESOURSES>GET THE APP INSTALLED.
  • And, Relaunch the game. Enjoy now.


If you love sensational and thrilling games, then Yandere Simulator is for you. You will love the compelling story of the girl who falls in love with a boy. She wanted the boy at any cost. Consequently, this game will surely remind you of the bygone memories of school time. After playing this game, you wish to go back to school life. I love this game. But, We cannot let kids play this game because of the killings of the girls in the game. Further, for more fun, check out Very Little Nightmares, Download Secret Neighbor APK, Very Little Nightmares II, and Poppy Playtime.

Yandere Simulator APK Download

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Yandere Simulator APK offers multiple online modes?

BIG NO. Suppose you are looking for multiplayer online. Sorry to say that Yandere Simulator Mobile is an offline game, and there are zero concepts of a multiplayer online gaming experience.

Can a kid play the Yandere Simulator?

No, kids should not play this game. Download Yandere school simulator for android contains adult content and gaming experience. So we suggest you not allow a kid to play this game

Is Yandere Simulator Mobile Download Latest Version a free game?

YES. Yandere simulator downloads the free android game. This game is free.

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