Specimen Zero MOD APK 1.1.1 [Menu/Free Shopping] 2023

The arcade game Specimen Zero MOD APK was developed by Café Studio. Having the BlueStacks app player installed on your computer or Mac will allow you to play this Android game seamlessly.

An unfamiliar setting greets you as you open your eyes. Can you tell me where this place is? Prior to everything turning black, you remember being abducted. There’s something strange about this place; it’s dark, foreboding, and dangerous, too. Play Specimen Zero – Multiplayer horror on PC with BlueStacks and find your way out of this waking nightmare. The fate you will face if you do not act will be unknown to you.

📌 App Name Specimen Zero MOD APK
🩸 Update 1 Day Ago
💥 Genre Arcade
🚨 Publisher Café Studio
🔴 Version 1.1.1
🔺 Size 145 MB
🧨 MOD Info Unlimited Money
🚩 Get it on Playstore

Explore a map filled with mysterious locations, like secret structures, an abandoned hospital, and mysterious laboratories. Keeping your wits will be key to getting out alive. To reach freedom, you have to collect items and solve puzzles.

A creepy crawly lurks in the darkness. Keep your mouth shut – noise kills. As soon as the monster smells you, the game is over! When you play Specimen Zero – Multiplayer Horror on PC with BlueStacks, you’ll get to experience this thrilling horror experience with your friends in real-time online multiplayer.

Specimen Zero MOD APK
Specimen Zero MOD APK

Story of Specimen Zero MOD APK:

Escape together with your friends when you play multiplayer online!

Play Specimen Zero – Online horror if you love scary adventure escape experiences!

Specimen Zero on the PC: How to Get Started

By clicking the thumbnail icon on your desktop, you can open the full game once you have installed it on your PC. Upon opening the game, you’ll be taken to the main title screen that has a “New Game,” “Multiplayer,” and “Language” buttons. If you’re playing alone, click “New Game” to reach the difficulty mode selection menu.

A total of five difficulty modes are available in Specimen Zero, including Ghost, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. There is a description for each difficulty mode on the page. Click the “Play” button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen once you’ve decided which difficulty mode you want to play. You can start the game by clicking the button, which will trigger a tutorial.
The “Multiplayer” button, however, will take you to the same screen. It will only be an open server that makes a difference. Your game may be joined from time to time by another player.

Features of Specimen Zero MOD APK:

You will find yourself struggling with fear at different levels of Specimen Zero Mod Apk due to its super exciting features and elements. In the specimen quality, you will experience the joy of sweating if you are a fan of horror. Following are some of the features and functions to help you find the gameplay that suits you;

Specimen Zero MOD APK
Specimen Zero MOD APK

Avoid monsters and escape the building:

In Specimen Zero Mod Apk, you are stuck in a haunted building in one of the most iconic horror games. In every situation, you must stay away from ghosts and monsters, or they will devour you. As you struggle against nerve-chilling fear, your goal is to get out of the building as soon as possible. Find the exit using the items and more. Your fate depends on your ability to succeed in all situations.

 You can customize your character:

Mod Apk for Specimen Zero provides users with a variety of options to customize the character’s appearance. As you win levels, you will acquire the money you need to purchase the accessories and items. Different colours, looks, outfits, skins, wearables, hairstyles, modes, and other features can be adjusted. Furthermore, at different times, the character’s outlook brings much joy to the viewer.

Puzzles to solve and items to collect from the search:

As you hunt for additional items to help you against the ghosts in Specimen Zero Mod Apk, you will have to search in different rooms and halls. The location will have medicines, weapons, equipment, clothing, accessories, money, and more. You can also earn different bonuses and rewards in the game by solving different puzzles in the system, like ammo, weapons, accessories, and most importantly, clues to escape the building. The more secrets you find, the more levels and stages you’ll unlock.

Online multiplayer mode for bringing friends together:

Players from all over the world can participate in the multiplayer online mode of Specimen Zero Mod Apk. With your friends by your side, you will be able to overcome fear on an emotional and physical level. When you go into nightmare mode or dark mode, you will experience nerve-chilling cold horror that is very difficult to handle, so you will need your friends to assist you. The best of life will come out of your new partners and old friends.

  • The eco-mode

Maintain smooth performance even when running multiple instances on your PC. By enabling the Eco Mode, you will ensure that your PC uses minimal resources while playing Specimen Zero – Multiplayer Horror.

  • Translating in real-time

In your local language, play Specimen Zero – Multiplayer Horror.

  • Several frames per second

With BlueStacks, you can enjoy immersive gaming at every step in Specimen Zero – Multiplayer Horror. Create a seamless gaming experience by customizing the FPS in-game.

  • Taps repeated in a row

The Repeated Tap feature in BlueStacks lets you master Specimen Zero – Multiplayer horror. It is no longer necessary to repeatedly press the same key to initiate an action. It can be assigned to just one key.

A detailed description of specimen zero

  • Design in 3D that looks realistic
  • The gameplay is intense in this survival horror game
  • Join a friend or play solo
  • There are a lot of secret areas to explore
  • There are many puzzles to solve in this collection
  • Play for free

Downloading specimen zero:

Here are my steps:

  • BlueStacks can be downloaded and installed on your PC by clicking here
  • To access the Play Store, complete the Google sign-in process or do it later
  • The search bar at the upper right corner should show Specimen Zero – a Multiplayer horror
  • From the search results, click on Specimen Zero – Multiplayer Horror to install it
  • Install the game by signing in with your Google account (if you skipped step 2)
  • On the home screen, click Specimen Zero – Multiplayer Horror to begin

Before Installing This Apk, Must Delete the Previous Version of the APK