Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK v1.0.73.3 [Unlimited Gems] 2023

Lilith Games develop the game Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk and has over 50 Million downloads on the Google Play store. In the game, the player is supposed to fight with other opponents by upgrading the troops assigned to him, the troops unlock at a certain level, and if we reach that level, a new troop will be available for us.

Another thing that helps us upgrade the troop is the town hall. As we increase the town hall level of our kingdom, the troops can also be upgraded. The capacity of training the troops in training camps also increases with the increase in town hall level.

📌 App Name Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK
🩸 Update 1 Day Ago
💥 Genre Strategy
🚨 Publisher LilithGames
🔴 Version
🔺 Size 840 MB
🧨 MOD Info Unlimited Gems
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They can easily be played and learned by the players easily because of their simple mechanics and controls. Some difficulties are faced at the beginning of the game.

Protecting our kingdom and village is the player’s main priority in-game. Therefore the level of troops should be increased to give a tough time to the competitor.

rise of kingdoms mod apk

Instead of the army, our kingdom’s strong buildings and structures also help us defeat the enemy. So, our focus should also be on the structures and buildings to protect our people.

About Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk:

Game Features:

Using gems beneficially:

As gems are the game’s main currency, they should be used for good things as they are limited in number. I suggest you raise the VIP level to 6 using gems because that is the most beneficial use.

Many advantages are given to us at that level during the game, or a new builder can also be bought using these gems, which will help us upgrade structures and buildings that will protect our kingdom and help us save money for a longer period.


Speed-ups are also a part of the game in the kingdom’s rise. The speed-ups de[end upon the alliances we join, so join alliances carefully. Two types of speed-ps are specialized and universal; I suggest using the specialized speed-ups first and then the universal ones.

Training of soldiers should also be quick, and no troop camp should be left empty to save the building and structures from the enemy.

Real-time Combat:

Real-time combat is also offered by the developer of the game o the map. The player can anytime leave the combat and similarly can also enter the combat according to his or her own will.

Helping members can also be done by sending troops to help them in battle and when some opponent attacks them. The option of counterattack is also there; we can also attack the player who attacked us in the past and destroys their kingdom and conquer it.

rise of kingdoms mod apk

Sounds and graphics:

The game has some fascinating and breathtaking sounds and graphics that no other game offers, available on the play store.

The sound gives the vibe of a battle, and the player gets more indulged in the game than ever just because of the sound.

The graphics are also really good, along with the colours that are displayed, as they don’t hurt the eyes or anything.

Mod Features:

Unlimited gems:

The Mod APK version of the game Rise of Kingdoms offers free gems that, too, an unlimited amount that a player can use.

As already discussed, the gems are a useful resource in the game. They allow us to get some special speed-ups and also builders that help us in saving a lot more time than ever, along with the upgrades and a lot of money in a longer period. So, unlimited gems are a great resource to the player and also help us get prizes in the game.


The Mod APK version of the game Rise of Kingdom offers us free unlimited gems that too free cost, and above that, the user experience is also not disturbed by displaying any ad during the game.

Most games provide free resources and display ads to get money from the companies, but this is not the scenario in The Rise of Kingdom; they provide free gems without any interruption of ads to the game.

How to download/Install Rise of Kingdom Mod APK?

To download the game, these steps are to be followed:

  • Download the game from the website of RELAXMODAPK and let the downloading end.
  • Now enable the unknown resources from the settings and then install the game.
  • Let the installation finish first, and then agree to the user agreement.
  • Once done, launch the app and enjoy the free resources of Rising of Kingdom Mod APK.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Is Rise of Kingdom an online game?

The game is offered by Lilith Games, which is a Shinghai-based company. The game is an online and multiplayer game where the player uses different strategies to win.

  1. Is the rise of the kingdom pay to win?

No, it is not a pay-to-win game unless a player wants to pay. The game is free to play the game.

  1. Is the rise of the kingdom good?

Yes, the game is interesting and is worth all the time given to the game.


As everything is clear, I thank the developer for making such a good game. Some bugs are there in the game, but these will also get fixed over time and updates.

So, I suggest you download the game and start playing it to eliminate boredom while sitting at home, as the game has some interesting and good features.