Pokemon Shuffle Mobile MOD Apk 1.14.0 [High Damage]

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile MOD Apk
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The latest official version of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Mod Apk has been installed on over 10,000,000 devices and has age restrictions, the recommended age for using this app is 15+ years old. 4.3 out of 1.0 was the rating given to the application by 300711 people on a five-point scale.

You can play with unlimited gems, gold, and elixir in this game. On the internet, you can play this free multiplayer game. You can build buildings, attack other clans, and defend your base in war by creating your own army. With every level increase, you get new resources and characters. These thrilling features make the game more enjoyable.

ūüďƬ†App Name Pokemon Shuffle Mobile MOD Apk
ūü©ł¬†Update 1 Day Ago
ūü핬†Genre Puzzle
ūüö®¬†Publisher The Pokemon Company
ūüĒī¬†Version 1.14.0
ūüĒļ¬†Size 75M
ūüß®¬†MOD Info Unlimited Money
ūüö©¬†Get it on Playstore

Story of Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Mod Apk:

Pokémon is a familiar topic, but up to now, the attraction of these super-powerful creatures has not diminished at all. Pokémon: Magikarp Jump and Pokémon Masters, for example, have been created in recent years. However, the characters and gameplay in those games are similar.

With Pokémon Shuffle, players will be able to play a Pokémon game utilizing images that are 100% original. It is also worth mentioning that the game graphics have been created by the same designers who designed Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Therefore, Pokémon Shuffle has an undeniable appeal to gamers.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile MOD Apk

You can meet adorable Pokémon in Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, a match-three game that combines a role-playing genre with familiar gameplay. You control an army of funny Pokémon warriors that must be trained into the best warriors and created championship strength blocks to win matches. Your task is to rank three or more Pokémon vertically or horizontally to fight other Pokémon.

Players will still be playing the role of beast trainers in Pok√©mon Shuffle, a tactical role-playing game where they are tasked with collecting the right Pok√©mon to boost their team’s strength. In Pok√©mon Shuffle, players will engage in matches based on the story of an adventure to explore or combat other players.

Pokémon Shuffle is a match-three puzzle game, so players will experience many attractive things when participating in the game experience. It is a fairly new feature, and this gameplay promises to bring many attractive things to players. When the player wins, he or she not only defeats the Pokémon but also tames and trains them.

Features of Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Mod Apk:  

With many Pokémon characters, conquer multiple tables:

You will find plenty of additional levels and rich auxiliary systems throughout the game, as well as various items for you to explore gradually. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is one of the best Pokémon titles available.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile MOD Apk

It does not matter if this is your first experience with a diamond-matching game or if you have mastered it like Candy Crush Saga, you will still find joy when you play Pokémon Shuffle Mobile.

Choosing a Pokémon and completing puzzle levels together, creating combos, attacking, and winning are all part of Pokémon Shuffle Mobile. It is a simple game with many challenges that require players to handle quickly and use a reasonable strategy to complete the tasks.

Experimentation with wisdom:

Due to Pok√©mon Shuffle’s target audience of mobile platforms, one of the most popular and most appropriate gameplay modes for mobile is the match-three puzzle form by connecting three rows.

Additionally, Nintendo did not forget to create a route of levels that is unlike any match-three game ever created. In addition, the route makes players feel like they are on an adventure in the traditional Pokémon world. This combination enables Pokémon Shuffle to quickly adapt to a new platform while maintaining its brand identity, which makes longtime fans unable to resist the game.

There is nothing new about Pokémon Shuffle Mobile despite its familiar gameplay. While playing, be sure to pay attention to the restraint between the game systems, such as the anti-flying electric system of the insect-based flight system, as it does not follow the old path.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile MOD Apk
Pokemon Shuffle Mobile MOD Apk

With each match, the winning score of each player is ranked, and the amount of money you have will allow you to buy more weapons and equipment.

The Gameplay upgrade is interesting:

Unlike other puzzle games, Pokémon Shuffle does not refer to levels as levels are instead replaced by Pokémon.

When entering the game, players will be told that they are encountering a Pokémon, try it and conquer it. As usual, the screen will now switch to match three, but with some damage caused by each link, you make to the Pokémon above. Hit until the Pokémon is low on health, and then launch the Pokeball to capture it.

The captured Pokémon will appear as a card that will appear during the next Pokémon encounter if selected in the line-up.

Each time you match three or four cards that bring them together, the Pokémon on your team will level up. Some will even get stronger if you level up.

In Pokémon Shuffle, the attributes of each Pokémon are kept just as they are in the traditional line of Pokémon. The reason why Charmander-shaped seams will do more damage to tree-based Pokémon or insect types is that fire counteracts tree and insect nature when you catch a Charmander (fire nature) and put it the info in.

It is not a simple game; it is a brainstorming exercise. As you progress in the game, the Pokémon no longer stand still for players to hit them. They launch counterattacks to make life difficult for the players.

The features of Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Mod Apk are described in detail

  • During battles and captures of legendary Pok√©mon, players will embark on a massive journey.
  • While utilizing their Pok√©mon abilities to fight effectively, the matching puzzle gameplay stimulates everyone’s creativity to new heights.
  • By capturing wild Pok√©mon, you’ll be able to complete your collection and even unlock new abilities when you use them against exotic enemies in upcoming battles.
  • Using different strategies, you can maximize your chances of capturing Pok√©mon while dealing powerful blows to targets.
  • A variety of exciting challenges and events beckon players to take on and complete incredible feats, and even compete with other players for exclusive rewards.


In Pokémon Shuffle Hack APK for iOS, the main character will be the charming Pokémon. The smart screens will create special attacks and allow you to use them on the fierce Pokémon battlefield.

All over the world, we hear about Pok√©mon GO. It is the most popular Pok√©mon hunting game out there. However, some countries don’t yet support Pok√©mon GO, which is why many players turn to other Pok√©mon character games to play for a while. Pok√©mon Shuffle Mobile is one of them.

In Pokémon Shuffle Hack APK, the player is required to swap the characters on the screen to form horizontal rows or columns of three or more identical units. With its clever match-three puzzle abilities, players will battle, collect, and level up Pokémon with hours of extremely addictive and enjoyable gameplay.

Before Installing This Apk, Must Delete the Previous Version of the APK

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