Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Mod Apk 6.9.1 For Android

Based on the American animated series Family Guy, Fox Digital Entertainment, Jam City and TinyCo have released Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff for Kindle, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1. Using familiar characters and buildings, users can make their own versions of Quahog.


genres Adventure game
Version 6.1.1
Developer Jam City, Inc.
Updated On 2021/12/14
Requires 5.0
Mod Features Free Shopping
Platform Android
Size 52,92 MB

Story of Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Mod Apk:

In this game, the citizens of Quahog are annoyed because of the cancellation of the cartoon show. Fox gathered the citizens and attempted to explain the situation to them in order to calm the situation down.

These recent incidents are caused by Ernie the Giant Chicken. He has challenged Peter to a duel as an act of heroism. The brawl resulted in the destruction of most of Quahog.

As Peter descends into Quahog, you’ll follow his journey to get reunited with his family and friends. Help your favourite characters rebuild their home town as you complete varied missions and enjoy exciting gameplay. Play some hilarious gameplay in the meantime.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Mod Apk
Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Mod Apk

Features of Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Mod Apk:

You can collect all the characters you love

Families will have the opportunity to play as their favourite characters in Family Guy The Quest for Stuff. When you help Peter complete his quests, you’ll meet Lois, Brian, Meg, Chris, Stewie, Joe, Bonny, Steve, Quagmire, and more. The gameplay varies depending on the character you choose. During the game, you will be able to participate in a variety of exciting activities.

Embark on epic quests with them

In the first place, your characters can participate in a number of strange and funny quests that you won’t find in any other Android game. Have Peter dance like a crazy stripper, Quagmire perform incredibly dirty magic tricks, Lois box, Joe dance with jelly legs, etc. It’s time to laugh your way to the bank and win some great prizes.

Put your own stamp on your characters

Aside from dressing up your characters, the game also features hundreds of different outfits. Put your favourite characters in maniacal costumes. Please feel free to check out our other characters such as the Mermaid Peter, the Bikini Quagmire, the Boxer Lois, the Terminator Stewie, the Bully Meg, and so on. Whether you’re playing or not, the fun never stops.

Your own Quahog to build and care for

Gamers will be introduced to in-depth town-building gameplay where they will try their best to restore the town to its former glory after Peter and the Giant Chicken brawled.

Missions need to be completed to unlock new maps and restore destroyed buildings. You can also breathe new life into Quahog with the construction feature. Unlock new areas and enjoy new gameplay as you unlock new areas.


Keep your town safe from predators like pirates and giant chickens, as well as alien invasions.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Mod Apk
Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Mod Apk

Create a variety of themes for your towns

The complete decorating features are also available to you. Give your town a theme by decorating it with different buildings, facilities, and even the way people dress on the theme. Make your town stand out from the rest by adding something new and unique.

In-game animations worth hundreds of dollars

The Quest for Stuff is also a great opportunity for Family Guy fans to discover interesting animation pieces they might not have seen before on the cartoon show. Get the chance to watch exclusive content only available in this game.

From Family Guy’s writers, discover completely new jokes

Furthermore, Android gamers can also enjoy a variety of exciting stories that were written by the original Family Guy writers. It is an amazing game that will take you on an adventure full of hilarious situations.

Choose your favourite language to play the game

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff will be available in your preferred language for the first time. A variety of languages are currently supported, including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and more. You’ll find this game much more relatable once more languages are updated in the future.


The game is free to play

It’s a surprise! Downloading and installing the game on Android phones is currently free for all users. Having said that, you’ll get to enjoy all the in-game content for free. Still, progress will slow down unless you buy in-app purchases. Some gamers might feel bothered by this.

With our mods, you can play forever

In case you’re not into the in-app purchases and ads, our mod version allows you to explore the entire gameplay. Follow our instructions to successfully install Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Mod APK on your device. Play as much as you want and have unlimited money. It will take much less time and effort to rebuild Quahog.

A guide to downloading the Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Mod apk

Here are my steps:

This game introduces players to a whole new world in which they can interact with every citizen of Quahog, which will surely appeal to fans of Family Guy. Take a hilarious journey with Peter Griffin, his family, and friends. Additionally, our mods allow you to play the whole game without paying anything

Before Installing This APK, Must Delete the Previous Version of the APK

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